02927: Un-Christmas-y

Central Square Christmas 2019
 Christmas 2019

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 283

I will finally admit it - this year doesn't feel like Christmas. As much as we can say that there are more important reasons for the season and it goes beyond commercial trappings or parties and all the usual things that have marked Christmases past, a lot of those do help one really get into the spirit of things. 

Online holiday parties aren't quite the same as in-person ones, but we'll all make-do as best as we can. Our Christmas shopping this year shifted to more digital gifts and online purchases instead of the usual rush to join the hordes of other shoppers at the mall to find interesting gifts for loved ones. And even family gatherings are a lot smaller and a lot more...cautious. 

No big dinners out because dining out is still kind of terrifying. No visiting hotels and malls to see their Christmas displays or explore their Christmas-themed buffets and other offers. Even the little things are more significantly felt by their absence.

But we'll make the most of the holidays this year despite all the craziness of 2020. We will find a way to still celebrate and be close to those we love. One way or another, we'll make things work. Because to do otherwise would be to fail the season.