02926: Bad News Day

Alternate Universe Optimus Prime

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 282

The news was very dark today. It was the sort of news day that leaves a bad taste in one's mouth and sours one's thinking. Injustice of this magnitude takes a while to go away. And things as vile as this will continue to rage across social media in the days to come as people of different opinions will continue to vie for attention in the fickle social media spotlight.

Many voices are legitimate. Many are bad actors who are trying to "control the narrative". Others are just trying to ride the latest social media trend for their own purposes.

Words fail me. I don't quite know what to say about today's revelations. And it's not just because it was a horrible murder of two people in broad daylight, but more because it's just the latest abuse by those who are perceived to have power in this country, particularly under this administration. 

When will this end? Will it ever end?