02924: Christmas Scheduling

Keto-Compliant Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 280 

Visited the parents today for the monthly medicine refill and ended up needing to arrange the ribbon trim for their Christmas tree. Tobie and I had purchased the tree the other year and had stealth set it up, so it's not like this was entirely new to me. But it was funny needing to work on it out of the blue.

Today we were talking about what our Christmas plans were going to be like and things still feel rather up in the air. We've vaguely committed to dinner for Christmas Eve as normal and probably dial in my sister's family in a video call. It's never fun when the family is apart for the holidays like this, but we just have to make the most of things given the pandemic and all. 

We're not even talking about having dinner out at someplace nice. Like many others this year, we're going to map out something that we can have delivered and something that we can all eat despite our different dietary restrictions that comes with age and my efforts to stay keto. It's still going to be special in its own way, I'm sure. But as expected, it's going to be very different.

Tobie still has to coordinate with his family to determine their plans as well and for us to figure out if we'll want to join each other's family visits or something. Normally we'd be separate for Christmas Eve and meet up for O Bar after noche buena. This year we're still not sure if we'll both visit our families apart or do we want to organize other visits outside the Christmas rush and...I'm just going in circles.

And don't get me started on the rumors that Metro Manila will be going back to either ECQ or MECQ starting Monday as various Viber groups and "leaked" government documents are indicating. More fun times in this never-ending lockdown because of the pandemic (and our government).