02921: Wednesday Cycle

Breakfast-style Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 277

RANDOM - my left eye is being totally weird. Started around the time we started our Vampire RPG session for the night. It feels filmy or gunky - like it's producing that material that builds up when we sleep. Vision is sometimes obscured until I blink it away or wash it out. It's not painful - just irritating. And it makes it a little harder to focus on what's going on in the game. I tried watching my face to try to clear it out, but no luck so far. I guess for now I can only hope that it won't be a problem come morning. 

In other news, I've been frying eggs more as of late. And not scrambled eggs even - sunny side up eggs. I like them particularly runny and that's never quite easy to do. Some days I have great eggs. Other days they're a bit too crusty at the edges. They're all still good of course, just a question of texture preference mainly. Ironically, I most liked sunny side up eggs because I enjoyed breaking the yolk over warm white rice. I don't exactly eat rice anymore, so I just indulge in having my yolk over veggies. It's not quite the same experience, but it still works. But whereas before I'd be content with just blanching some veggies on the side to go with leftover roast chicken, now I feel up to frying an egg to go with the dish whenever applicable. Not sure why, but I'm happy with it. A bit more effort is never a bad thing.

Today we're wrapping up our last Vampire RPG session for the year. The holidays are upon us, so it's prudent to end the story at a decent stopping point rather than pushing beyond our means. This is our more frequent game with nearly weekly sessions and definitely one of our big boosts for geekiness across this pandemic. Super glad we were able to migrate this game over to online play - it has really helped things to feel a bit more "normal" as it were.

My eye is still weird.