02920: Nice Tuesday Wrap-Up

Porkchops, Bacon and Veggies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 276

Feeling a little warm and fuzzy after tonight's Baduy Pride episode. Talking about small wins worth celebrating definitely helps one appreciate that not everything has been going terribly in life and there's still a lot to be thankful for. And keeping things small-scale added a degree of humor to things, thus it was possible to cite the happiness of your pillow being just right the first time you lie down or when you wake up before your alarm rings. 

I really should try that whole mindful coffee drinking exercise some time. It might do me some good. But it's hard to fully appreciate taking things so when life is so busy and there's a greater focus on getting things done. And I am definitely big on completing tasks and finishing checklists, obviously.

Got another Christmas gift out of the way, which is a good thing. We have a few other digital ones in mind that just need to be actually purchased, so I'm not too worried about things. As much as we wanted to get everyone special little tokens, this might be easier. But we still have a bit of time to finalize all gifts.

Just have to get through the work week first.