0291D: Social Recharge Saturday

Angus Burger Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 273

After last night's random de-stressing Baduy Pride episode, kinda embraced the need for making this Saturday a more relaxing one. As fun as the show is and how we enjoy our other online hangouts and predominantly Jackbox game sessions, it still requires a certain degree of social energy to keep things going. And so maybe a proper social recharge day is in order.

Today has also been about a lot of new dishes for meals. Tobie and I were talking about meal repetition over the past few months and so we figured we'd try some new things. And today involved two things we had never cooked before! The first was some samgyupsal that Tobie's mom had given us. It was harder to figure out what we could supplement with more than just cooking the actual meat. So Tobie made his veggie and mushroom stir-fry mix along with an omelet.

Then dinner involved this really thick Angus burger patties that Tobie had purchased at some traveling ready-to-cook market that set up shop at the condo earlier today. I paired that with some blanched broccoli and cauliflower together with some sunny-side-up eggs and a lot of mustard. The patties were a little pricey at like P150 a patty, but that's cheaper than getting a fancy burger at a restaurant. And being in complete control of the whole cooking process helped to ensure it was a keto meal. 

Otherwise, we've spent the day watching The Prom movie adaptation and the latest episode of The Mandalorian. We also managed to get massages today and the rest of the evening should be a mix of board games and probably our respective PC games so that Tobie can make more progress with Death Stranding

Have a good weekend, everyone!