0291C: Friday Drain

Fried Rice

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 272

Yes, that is a bowl of fried RICE. Sometimes when we order out, we end up with extra rice (read: rice that came with my meal that I won't eat). And these balls of take-out rice tend to wait in the fridge for a while before Tobie can find the time to eat them. And today he fried a leftover ball together with some veggies and mushrooms and the Sietch smelled AWESOME after. I get a little tempted because good food is good food. But then my keto-reinforced resolve holds and I manage to restrain myself. 

Work has been crazy this week - my past few (rather random) blog posts should be indicative of my mental state. When I'm too tired to think of something to blog about at length, I resort to blogging about random things in a single post just to fill up my unofficial word count goals, which I can't even quantify. I just know when a blog post feels too short and 1-2 paragraphs never feels like enough.

It's by the third paragraph that things start to feel better or at least "sufficient" for a particular post. And a single sentence doesn't make for a satisfying paragraph unless it's particularly impactful (or snarky?) Such is the way of things.

We don't even have a proper topic for Baduy Pride tonight. We could force something if we really wanted to, like discuss a board game of interest. But I think it's fair to say that Tobie and I have spent enough brain cells on work this week, so we just want to have a relaxing night. This may result in a shorter episode or it could end up with one that doesn't end at all. We'll find out come 9:00pm.