02917: Pastry Scheduling

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 267

I've worked out a fairly consistent schedule for some of the different keto desserts and pastry alternatives that I consume throughout the week.

First, Sundays are when I bake a fresh batch of keto pandesal. Each batch is good for 8 pieces and I eat two of them immediately after baking. This leaves me with 6 pieces to each throughout the week and I tend to have one every day around 05:00pm as a late merienda. 

On Saturdays, I buy either Keto Filipino's Triple Threat or their tray of keto ensaymada. Each consists of 6 pieces and I also have one per day EXCEPT for Sunday since I do have the aforementioned two pieces of keto pandesal on that day. This is typically my dessert after brunch and makes for a fun little indulgence. 

So you see, this schedule requires regular consumption of the items because if I miss a day, then I have to double-up on other days to avoid the queue getting messed up. Plus this affects what space we have left in the fridge for these items. For example, if I mess up my pandesal schedule, then the container I use to store my new Sunday batch won't be available yet, so can I really bake? And I don't want to shift my baking to Monday since it's harder to bake during a workday - it happened once and it wasn't a fun experience. 

Today was one of those days. I had "missed" my pandesal time twice in the week prior including not having any on Saturday (because of our exciting Detective: LA Crimes game session), and so I started with two buns still in the reuseable container I've designated for bread. So I ended up eating both of them AND my usual deduction from the new batch. While this is not a major issue in the net carb department, it still means more carbs than normal, so I know I'm going to hate myself more tomorrow when I do my post-workout weigh-in.

To add insult to injury, I had also missed out on my keto resupply run on Saturday, so I ended up buying new desserts today instead. That means that I didn't eat one on Saturday, so now I have a full tray to consume this week before my next Saturday resupply cycle. I could have eaten one today to get back on track, but then I knew I was going to eat extra keto pandesals today, so I didn't want to tack on too many pastries all at once. 

But I also bought an extra tray of mini strawberry cheesecakes (they come in 4s), so that's just extra carbs this week. Delightful.

But between making adjustments or sticking to my schedule, I decided to still stick with my schedule - or something roughly close to it. Because compliance is more important than practicality?