02916: Baduy Pride Marches On

Two Bowls of Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 266

Last night's 100th episode of Baduy Pride was pretty fun to record, even if it addressed a topic as atypical as throuples and other more colorful relationship dynamics. But this far into the "show", Tobie and I have gotten pretty comfortable with finding ways to address topics in a largely positive manner that remains consistent with our general thrust for Baduy Pride to be about celebrating what we love. And thus this episode became more about talking about how we view relationships and what has worked for us in the hopes of helping others figure out how they want their own relationships to operate. 

Then for today's 101st episode, we ended up talking about our different idols, a topic I never thought I'd be able to address all that well. Leave it to Tobie to help me see things from a more positive perspective that tied to our different geeky passions and interests. 

It seems weird that we've already recorded over 100 Baduy Pride episodes at this point given it's not like the show actually earns us any money or anything like that. It remains to be a passion project that is a lot of fun for us and that fun factor is what drives us forward more than anything else. Plus it is a unique way to interact with friends and even make new ones. Today's topic was a suggestion from one such new friend who only really connected because of the show. 

During our call with Nico last night, one of the topics was whether or not we'd be willing to go out somewhere with him whether for a weekend staycation or even just dinner nearby. And it was sort of surprising to me that Tobie and I both weren't exactly excited to go out for any reason. As much as we missing being with friends and have risked having one friend at a time visit the Sietch under very strict conditions, it's still more the exception than the rule. I guess this is the biggest impact of this pandemic on us - a level of wariness and caution that borders on paranoia at times, but for good reason. 

Thus the online interactions like Baduy Pride and our weekend Google Meet conferences with friends are easier to roll with instead of going out. At least this way we know we keep everyone safe while still having fun. Beyond that, we can't just jump into public excursions or even have more than one guest here at the Sietch. Keeping things controlled and implementing strict measures (and even 2-week gaps between guests to monitor for possible symptoms) have all become part of our personal new normal. 

Life goes on. And 2020 is quite the test of understanding what we're actually comfortable with now.