02915: So I Bought Headphones

JBL Live 400BT

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 265

My new pair of headphones arrived yesterday and I'm still trying to break them in. I'm undecided if they are actually uncomfortable or they're just new and need time to loosen up. Every headphone earpiece is different, of course, so there is always a degree of an adjustment period. But I mainly got these for the battery life and hopefully consistent connectivity since my older pair kept having pairing and connection issues including losing connection in the middle of conference calls, which can be pretty inconvenient.

But I'm still glad for the new headphones. They work fine and the sound quality is pretty good. It has decent range for Bluetooth pickup within the Sietch and no disconnection issues. I don't know when I'll be able to test the battery life fully, but so far so good. I'm still seconding-guessing if I should have invested even more for something like this to get a better quality sound experience. I sorta feel like I should have waited for my 13th month pay before securing these headphones, but whatever. They're here now and I don't exactly regret the purchase at this point.

Despite our geeky lives, such technology purchases aren't exactly a common thing. There are different types of geekdom and being a tech geek is not one of our biggest things, you could say. Tobie is still trying to get the most out of his laptop despite so many other issues with it when your real tech-head would either customize things in order to address the issues or get a new one with exacting specifications. Our lack of experience and familiarity in the nuances of such purchases is a bit of a limitation, but the same constraint your average person deals with.