02914: Special Event of Sorts


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 264

Today's Mom's birthday and I'm glad that we still managed to arrange things to make the day a bit more special. This included me ordering a nice flower arrangement and a keto cake (more because she's diabetic) as gifts for the day. But the biggest gift, really, was visiting her in person as opposed to relying on yet another video call - although I did call in my sister in Singapore to round out the family celebration. It wasn't a super big thing given it is the middle of the week and all. But it was something.

Trying to get this birthday plan executed on behalf of my siblings really got me in the right mindset for tonight's Baduy Pride episode on holiday planning and gift-giving strategies for the pandemic, I guess. Like many other episodes, we started with only a few bullet items in our head as a rough framework for the episode but ended up talking for close to an hour. The ideas just kept coming once we started talking and different experiences throughout the quarantine period had somehow prepared us to discuss our strategies tonight. 

And yes, competitive gift-giving is a thing.

Randomly, we were trying to remember what we did for mom's birthday last year but drew a blank. the year prior there was at least a special birthday dinner with some of her work colleagues. But I keep drawing a blank for last year. I wanted to dig through my photos to check, but Google Photos is not great at pulling from the archives when viewed on a mobile device. 

One more day left in this workweek. Whee.