02911: Monday Update

Transformers Generations Decepticon Airwave and Hot House

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 261

Today was a regular working day for me, as is the case with most local holidays that don't have a Singapore counterpart. And it's just as well since we had some pretty important deliverables for the day, so it was good that I was clocked in. Mondays are always busy, but it's like a good kind of busy for the most part.

I did let Tobie sleep in though. He totally had the holiday and had stayed up late making space on his laptop so he could finally buy Death Stranding for PC. I've delayed my own Steam purchases to tomorrow in light of my self-imposed budgetary constraints because making the numbers work on paper is totally a priority. But I also want to add more digital games to my collection, even though I rarely have time to play them because that's how Steam works!

In other news, I'm totally going to hit my annual reading goal for the year either today or tomorrow. It's down to the wire and I'm tempted to just blitz through the last 5 or so books, but let's see. This marks the earliest that I'll even complete my annual reading goal, so I can either aim higher and try to read even more or slow things down and read longer books now that the "pressure" of the goal has been relieved. Performance reading is hard, people!