02910: Sunday Breather

Keto Pandesal

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 260

I've been playing catch-up with my blogs all weekend for one reason or another. This is probably a natural consequence of drinking after our Baduy Pride episodes and waking up late, but it's ultimately not a bad thing. At least it also reflects that we were a lot more relaxed this weekend and didn't get too caught up in things like these routines and habits that are staples of Sietch life. 

But once I finish this update and one more for the last Baduy Pride episode we just streamed, I should be okay.

I still have work tomorrow since we follow Singapore holidays, but it's really not a big issue in my head. I had considered taking 2 November off earlier this month but it ultimately felt more practical to just continue on since it's not like Tobie and I could go anywhere to make "better" use of the holiday. Tomorrow is another Monday holiday that will probably end up the same way, so I'm still "working" to work (from home) for now and hoping for a relatively lighter work day. Not holding my breath there, but never wrong to hope, right?

Now we're going to wrap up the rest of this Sunday by finally getting started on Lovecraft Country while I unbox a few more Transformers. And I have laundry that needs folding. Good times.