0290D: Extemporaneous Kabaduyan

Two Bowls of Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 257

It's funny how we managed to do a 1-hour Baduy Pride episode just about grocery shopping. To be fair, I think any aspect of our routine can become the subject of an episode given enough scrutiny. Combine how Tobie and I really do bounce off on another pretty well when it comes to conversations - it's pretty much the premise behind our little web show. We just keep talking and hope that people find some amusement or entertainment in the whole live stream experience.

We're going to hit 100 Baduy Pride episodes by next week which is...kinda crazy. Given near-daily episodes, the past few months have blitzed by quite quickly. The show has become a sort of a mental health exercise for us even though it's an atypical way of interacting with our friends who manage to watch the shows live and participate in the comments. But it's still better than nothing. And we have had a few friends mention that the show has been somehow beneficial to their own mental state as well, which is a very unexpected effect of the show. 

Aside: O Bar is teasing something big and I really HOPE that this means the bar will find a way to re-open safely. I'm sure it will mean strict controls on the number of customers who can go to the bar at ay time and the other quirks like needing to wear masks as much as possible while there, but I know we're totally going to take the risk. 

Let's just hope the community manages managing COVID-19 better than we've collectively been managing HIV. Cheap shot, I know. 


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