02909: Virtual Table Hangouts

Google Meet Hangout

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 253    

After yesterday's one-shot online TRPG session for Night's Black Agents wrapped up, we skipped recording a new Baduy Pride episode and instead set up a Google Meet call for anyone looking for something to do. We weren't sure if anyone was going to want to join, really, but we figured it was worth exploring for the night. But thankfully, people started to join.

It was a small gathering of different friends whose main thing in common was...us. Sure a lot of them had interacted with one another in the Baduy Pride live stream chats, but that was about it. And it always makes me a bit nervous to figure out how to balance friends from different circles that find themselves in the same Google Meet call because of us.

But as the way these things go, the call turned out to be a lot of fun. It wasn't a big party nor did we have to structure complex games to keep everyone entertained. It was mostly just us talking while some of us drank. and it was only during the second half of the call that we shifted to a truth or dare game that was silly, entertaining, revealing, but ultimately fun. And it became a nice way for everyone to get to know one another better even if they may have only just "met" one another during that particular call.

It's not the same fun as being together at the same table of course, but it was still fun. We shared a lot of funny stories. We talked about different concerns. We made stupid jokes. And as seen in the photo above we even had an impromptu hat session because why not, right?

We remain under the world's longest lockdown, no matter how much they've slowly relaxed the rules while still claiming we're still under a community quarantine. Given that, it's definitely going to be quite a while before we can gather with friends in a more casual manner without needing to overthink everyone's health and safety before seeing one another in person. So we make the most of such online interactions even though we spend a fair amount of the time pining over being able to hang out again. 

But as far as these calls go, they do end up being as decent a substitute as possible for sharing a table at O Bar together, or something along those lines.