02908: More Baduy Guests to Come

Baduy Pride: One Night with MC Black

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 252

Wowzers, last night's Baduy Pride episode was amazing! We knew that it was going to be fun, but I don't think we were fully prepared for just how great the experience was going to be. And I think it just goes to show how a lot of us in our O Bar circle of friends really miss one another and continue to look for opportunities to hang out together, even just virtually. And I know a large part of that also involves what a great guest MC was because of the way she handled the interview. We all brought a lot of energy to the table and really played well off one another - something that I can associate with our being friends but also just the nature of our personalities working together. 

We were super pumped after the show and the experience just got us more excited for our upcoming interview with Precious next Friday. In addition, we also talked about future plans and how to get other queens, even possibly those who don't perform at O Bar to guest on the show and share their stories. There's always room to celebrate more types of drag and maybe Baduy Pride can become a unique vehicle for these queens as well. Not that we're claiming to be the best thing that has come to local drag or anything, but more we love them so much that we want to be able to help then in whichever way we can. And maybe the show is one such way to do that.

But what I'm really excited for is figuring out a panel discussion with the girls to talk about larger subjects like how exactly do we differentiate Philippine drag from the way it's done in other countries and all that good stuff. It'll be quite the scheduling conundrum, but it should still be a lot of fun. And that remains the core spirit of Baduy Pride, I guess - celebrating what we love and focusing on what is working more than what isn't.