02907: Transformers Quarantine Supply Chain

Transformers Earthrise

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 251

This morning I received confirmation that a bunch of the Transformers that I had pre-ordered had come in and it was quite the big order. Transformers figures are released in waves and given the completist I am, I do aim to collect all the releases in these Generations lines as best as possible. But the pandemic has certainly thrown the global supply chain for toys into a loop and it has been hard to keep up with the different toys.

To be fair, there are many sources that one can work with to get these figures - it boils down to price. And I naturally have my preferred sellers that I like to work with because of a combination of many factors include price, reliability, and of course trust. It's always a little scary to purchase from people directly instead of through traditional retail. But during this pandemic, my usual sources have been slow to update on different figures, and more and more it felt like I'd have to break my collection rules and go for the typically more expensive sources.

But thankfully my patience paid off, resulting in the mixed blessing that is having 2 entire waves of Transformers arrive at the same time. It's quite the spike in my expenses for this month, but I should be okay. It's just a lot of cash that has to go out whereas typically I'd try to juggle things with smart use of credit cards without risking finance charges in the long run. 

So I'm tapped out cash-wise all of a sudden because I've committed to securing these figures before it's too late. Delivery will be tomorrow and I'm pretty excited, even as I still need to figure out where to put all these toys whether in terms of being on display or into storage. I didn't have to touch my savings though, which is good. And payday is just around the corner, so I'll be liquid again come next week.

Man, this is an expensive hobby. But being able to keep up with my collecting despite the pandemic is a rare treat indeed. Some people collect plants as a mental health exercise during this pandemic. I get little plastic robots based on a cartoon I first became obsessed with back in my preschool days. What a life.