02904: Quiet Anniversary

Sariwon Lunch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 248

It is hard to have any sort of "proper" celebration for events like birthdays or in today's case anniversaries given the lockdown. Typically you'd want to arrange for a nice dinner out, maybe a movie, then in our case a commitment to go to O Bar to also mark the day. But of course, the lockdown makes these activities either less desirable or outright impossible. Plus O Bar is closed on Tuesday nights - and all other nights during lockdown. 

Despite today being a workday, we did make an allowance for a second Sariwon delivery lunch instead of just our once a week habit. Typically Sariwon would have been where we would have preferred to have an anniversary meal, but having the food delivered to the Sietch was close enough, I suppose. It's always food that makes us happy without needing me to consider breaking keto for the day, and that's well enough.

I had considered getting a keto cake for the day, but it felt like a rather ridiculous indulgence even for today. So we left it at that and enjoyed recording tonight's Baduy Pride episode apart from other entertainments. 

Plus we had mapped out last weekend as our "proper" anniversary celebration, something that Nico's presence helped to make more sense as it became a full Pamilya Egg event of sorts. Controlled socializing does have its merits during these challenging times.