02900: Christmas Conundrum

Two Bowls of Tinola

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 244

The 11.11 big sale day is over and I didn't get any of my Christmas shopping done. I kept telling myself that I should probably map something out to be prudent about the coming holidays, but I wasn't quite in the right headspace for it.

Beyond the fact that everyone's holiday plans are probably up in the air since we're unlikely to see most of our friends and even family in person given the ongoing pandemic, online Christmas shopping feels a little weird to me. It's silly, but there's something about walking through stores and checking out what is on display to help inspire my Christmas purchases is sort of my core shopping experience. It's a little harder to get the same sort of passive shopping inspiration from browsing through Lazada. 

And yet Christmas is still just around the corner, so I should probably get around to it and map something out. My last chance is 12.12 if we stick to online shopping, or I may get a chance to do some in-person shopping in the next few weeks if I feel up to it. Admittedly venturing out to malls still feels pretty stressful.

These are not major problems versus the troubles that other people are going through across the country, especially those areas hardest hit by the combination of Typhoon Ulysses and our poor infrastructure. But yeah, just lamenting this as the holiday season comes closer and closer. 

I miss our friends.