028FC: Actual Cannibal, Shia LeBeouf

Roasted Pork Chops

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 240

I ran across a meme today that incorporated lyrics from Rob Cantor's internet cult classic, "Shia LeBeouf" (yes, like the actor). We had first encountered this strange song when a unique video for it had been released back in 2014. But the song itself is older - some dude had done some rough animation for it back in 2012.

Because of the meme, I ended up re-watching the 2014 video this morning and was pleasantly reminded of what an absurdist delight it is. Seriously, the song alone is brilliant. But when you throw in some interpretative dancing, a gay men's chorus, and other performers and it just becomes something almost out of this world. 

Oh, and there was Shia LeBeouf himself. That was the cherry on top.

I can't fully explain why content like this appeals to me so much - heck, it tends to appeal to both me and Tobie. But I guess we really do enjoy a good song about an alternate version of a Hollywood celebrity who may eat people.

Favorite moments in the song remain to be (1) the bear trap, (2) Shia surprise! and finally (3) this being a normal Tuesday night for him.

I didn't know what else to blog about, so I ran with this.