028F6: Hole in the Ground

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 234

Ever since I shifted this blog to private, it often feels like I'm shouting my frustrations into a hole in the ground. You know what I mean? Totally like that scene in that Storyteller episode "The Three Ravens". The blog still generally serves its original purpose of giving me an outlet for some of the day-to-day frustrations. So I can't really complain there. This blog is still a healthy hole for shouting one's pains into, in a manner of speaking. 

But on the flip side, blogs are, for the most part, public experiences. Writing the blog is just half the story. The other half is getting engagement and feedback from readers. And while this blog has never been all that active on that front, especially in recent years, it's really dead now since I raised the drawbridge and all that jazz.

Blog comments had already been on the decline for years, so I guess I really shouldn't complain about this. People are more likely to comment on the Facebook share of the blog post and rarely on the blog post itself because that's just how things have progressed in this social media age. But that's still engagement and I do appreciate that. 

I kind of miss bumping into people at places like O Bar and hear them say that they've actually read one or more of my blogs here and there and that they appreciate what I've had to say. And that's amazing for anyone who writes in the public space - meeting actual readers. And while I appreciate the core group of people who (1) subscribed to this private blog and (2) actually take time to read posts, the number of actual active readers is still a heck of a lot smaller than the number of folks who signed up for the site. I'm talking single figure page views per post. So go figure.

I guess that's also what has helped to spur on our Baduy Pride vlog efforts as it remains a more public way to express our thoughts and still connect with friends and new viewers (and maybe readers?) out there. It goes a long way to helping us all stay a bit saner in this crazy pandemic year. And it has helped make up for this becoming my hole in the ground. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. It's nice screaming into a void honestly.
    I think it's no surprise that I enjoy reading your posts. While I may not find all your topics relevant to me (it's your blog, not mine), it's nice that you always give people opportunities to know you more through your content and thought processes.
    Also, blog comments should support image replies already.

    *insert readingNewspaper.gif here*

    1. Yeah, it's clear that Blogger development stalled sometime back in the early 2000s or something.

      But more on point, thanks for reading. Yes, this blog is really more for me than anything else, but to the curious, it does provide a particular incite into how I see things.


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