028F5: Monday Random Thoughts

Baked Salmon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 233

Given we follow Singapore holidays, I still had work today. To be fair, it wasn't like crazy busy - mostly a lot of the end of month activities from October like reports, invoices, and budgets. Not too many meetings, which was a bit of a rarity really. So I guess you could say that it was a pretty good Monday despite the holiday envy. Tobie had a relatively more relaxed day, but I know his Tuesday is going to be pretty bonkers as a consequence.

I'm annoyingly snackish right now. It's well past my eating window hours, so I can't eat - or at least I'm trying not to. I am tempted to at least prepare myself a sugar-free drink so that I have a different flavor in my mouth and maybe that'll be sufficient to push the munchies away. Layering intermittent fasting on top of my keto diet isn't fun, but it has been helping me with my overall weight loss journey.

I think I miss dancing. Adding "I think" to the beginning of that sentence does offer a degree of deniability and I'm not even sure why that's necessary. Sure, Tobie and I can dance here at home and that's still fun - we've done that to celebrate each of Kylie Minogue's new single releases. But it's not the same as the social dancing experience when you're like at O Bar or whichever preferred establishment to patronize. It's different when you're dancing to music that has been tailored by the DJ to create a particular mood or experience and you're there in the dark dancing beside strangers who also feel moved by the music. I miss dancing at O Bar.

At least we have the Kylie Minogue Infinite Disco live stream even to look forward to on Saturday. I kinda wish I could think of friends who also love Kylie Minogue as much as we do (or close enough) and invite them over to watch the concert with us. But yeah, gotta be responsible and all the usual COVID-19 rhetoric. Tough times. Obviously, I miss hanging out with friends, too.

A lot of our Saturdays this month are free because different players are unavailable for this or that game schedule. How are we going to fill up the schedule instead? What geekery or tomfoolery will be possible? Questions upon questions.