028F4: Inadvertent Gaming Avoidance


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 232

I recognize that Tobie and I didn't play a lot of tabletop games together last month. I know that was more because of me than him since I haven't always been in the mood to play, which is a bit of a bummer. I do feel guilty about it even though Tobie says he understands. We really should game on a more regular basis, and I'm going to do my best to make up for that this month. 

It's easy to say that things are just busy between work, my blogging, and even Baduy Pride. But that's not a great reason, especially when we've had a lot of free time here and there with some online game cancellations and such. I guess I just kept putting it off without thinking about why and then the month just blitzed by almost unexpectedly, at least on a conscious level.

And this is just one of their weird recurring feelings I get during quarantine - this odd sense of being tired of "just" playing against Tobie all the time. Games are a very social activity and I recognize that playing out board games can often remind me that we are unable to easily arrange game nights with friends like before because of lockdown and all that. Big groups are just too much of a risk and it's better to limit our in-person social interactions to avoid complications. Things are a bit more relaxed when it comes to official rules, but it doesn't mean we can let down our guard.

But that should not be a barrier between me and Tobie gaming more. We have a wonderful board game collection and it needs regular love. The same feelings that have sort of deterred me from playing games also get in the way of other activities like my regular Transformers unboxing activities. I realize I also didn't really touch any of the new robots I had acquired over the last month and they're just taking up more space in their original shipping boxes all over the Sietch.

Quarantine life can be difficult in surprising ways - sometimes they just creep up on you. But we keep fighting to get through every day and hope for the best in the mid- to near-future. We will get through this.