028F3: Quieter Halloween

Detective: LA Crimes Board

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 231

Today has been unusually sunny - well, only unusual since one of the major news items for the weekend is preparing for the super typhoon expected to hit tomorrow. But that's life in a tropical country - blazing hot one day, pouring rain the next. But we make the most of things, considering.

Today's big highlight is the beginning of our new Detective campaign following the LA Crimes expansion. It's a different feel from the original base game and certainly tries to celebrate the unique cultural period that is the 80's with a focus on the cop movies that were popular at the time. So we've shifted from stereotypes like drinking excessive amounts of coffee to other stereotypes of everyone smoking and throwing files on one another's desks. We got through the first case pretty okay and it was quite a brilliant play experience.

The rest of the night is going to be relatively quiet. There's really nothing going on online so Tobie and I are just enjoying the night at the Sietch. Beyond board games, we've ended up watching old episodes of Miranda that we found on YouTube, which is always a pleasant experience. I really wish this show had more episodes.

Stay safe, everyone. And Happy Halloween.