028F1: Halloween Contingencies

Sausages and Veggies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 229

I was kind of expecting someone to have set up some big event for Halloween this year given it falls on a Saturday. The quarantine has driven a lot of different entertainers to produce online shows of this or that sort. We've certainly put a fair amount of effort to support different friends here and there and it was really feeling like we're all just getting used to the new reality of things.

And while there are some smaller events scheduled for Friday night, there doesn't seem to be any big event on Saturday, which is the actual Halloween holiday itself. As much as this was never a huge holiday over here, it's just odd that nothing has come up. And this is the year when people don't' even have the usual family obligations to head off to the cemetery come November 1 to visit their dead and all that. So what gives?

At the very least, we can still count on our immediate circle of friends to hang out with come Saturday night. Alcohol is now just a delivery order away and we have more than our share of possible games to play online ranging from classics like Truth or Dare or more modern things like Among Us, because yea that's a thing.

How are you going to be celebrating Halloween? I'm honestly curious.