028EE: Windy Monday

Baked Salmon

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 226

The weather has been pretty rough today. We woke up to strong winds and sporadic rains, which I suppose was better than what some other areas experienced. I guess we're fortunate that this is a time when we're all working from home and our internet connectivity remained stable despite the weather. By right, internet speeds shouldn't be affected by the weather given a properly effective setup, but you know how utility wiring is in this country. Thus storm-fueled winds can affect everything from landline phone call quality, internet speed, and even the stability of the electrical grid. It's bananas, but what can we do? 

Work was pretty good. We got a lot done - particularly a rather stressful item that had been troubling me all weekend. We still have a lot to get done this week, but we'll just have to take the challenges one at a time as they come. It's just how work is.

It's Halloween this weekend and we haven't figured out possible costumes. And while it's not like we have some event that we're going to, we do have plans to somehow dress up and share the fun with friends. So we're not talking full-on costume contest quality outfits but quarantine appropriate costumes that still take some effort but not too much? Worst case is us just wearing some of the animal masks that I bought Tobie for Christmas. But I think Tobie is bound to figure something out. He's really the big idea guy in this department.