028EB: Friday Night Joys

Max's Chicken Sisig

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 223

This has been quite a busy week but hello weekend. And even though we don't get go out for fun times because of the lockdown restrictions, we at least have our Friday night Baduy Pride episode to look forward to. 

Friday nights are when more friends are more likely to join the live stream, in our experience. It has become a good time for celebrating birthdays and other fun events or just focusing the discussion on more general appealing topics that more people can appreciate. As much as we enjoy our very geeky discussions about board games and other niche interests, it helps to give people something they can get on board with more.

And as of late, Friday night episodes are also a good excuse to bring out the alcohol and drink a bit during the show as we know that some friends are joining us, even if just remotely. We've only resumed "social" drinking in recent months, which is certainly a shift in the overall lockdown experience for us. Maybe this is just us accepting the constraints of these difficult times and trying to make the most of what we can get in the meantime. And if that means raising a class to a camera instead of literally to the glass of a nearby friend, we just gotta work with it for now.

Aside: My sister is complaining that my nephew is beginning to demonstrate odd behaviors like lining up magnetic animals in a row on his whiteboard or lining up his toy animals in a similar fashion. It's quite adorable, but definitely  interesting behavior, to say the least.