024E6: Online Social Expansion

Last Night's Google Meet with Friends

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 218

I have to admit - I wasn't quite sure how last night was going to go. We had invited friends to join us in a Google Meet while we all watched the O Bar House Party Queens II show on Zoom on our respective devices. I was worried since we were expecting a diverse group of friends who had agreed to join, which altogether would make an unusual group to say the least.

Some friends didn't show up. Some friends were late additions. Some were totally unexpected. And some got pulled into things even without the O Bar event as context. 

Big thanks to Tobie for keeping things going. He has a knack for keeping folks engaged even when the calls get pretty crazy with a lot of participants. And naturally, he even brought in a game to add a new layer of amusement to the night's festivities.

I'm REALLY loving these online events we've been starting to pull together. They're not like crazy big and they're a great way to stay connected with different friends. It has gotten us drinking again, which for us is a purely social activity and not something that Tobie and I have enjoyed doing on our own. We can always lament not being able to go out or O Bar not being allowed to operate as an event space. But really, the big thing is just getting to know our friends better and realizing how much further we can take our friendship to new heights.

And I'm really thankful for that. There's so much gloom and doom with this lockdown and we have to take time to appreciate the little things that can have a really big impact on our lives. So I guess it's just a question of what our next activity is going to be or how we're going to spend next weekend to make it feel more social beyond our existing online tabletop game sessions.

And that's pretty exciting.