024E0: Monday Round-up

Roasted Pork Chops
Lunch: Roasted Pork Chops

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 212

This workweek is already shaping up to be crazy busy, which is its own brand of fun, I suppose. There are a number of initiatives that we're all juggling and that leads to multiple meetings to discuss this or that project and all that good stuff. Longer-term projects of lower priority are bound to get pushed to the back burner again as more urgent items make themselves felt because of course, they will. Such is life. But that helps keeps my mind off of other things, I suppose. 

It's only Monday and I'm already looking forward to the upcoming O Bar House Party Queens II event on Saturday night. We don't have a game planned for that day so the main event will be the evening. And for that, we've scheduled a Google Meet call with several O Bar friends because the event is run as a Zoom webinar where participants can't see one another (based on the first event). So the supplementary Google Meet should provide us a better way to feel like we're hanging out with friends and having the sorts of conversations we'd normally have while sharing a table at O Bar. And that's pretty exciting.

We could consider some sort of an online game on Saturday, but I think the time will be better spent with just me and Tobie playing games at the Sietch instead. I know I haven't been eager to game after work and I feel like I hope him more playtime. This is particularly true given how a lot of our games last weekend got aborted for this or that reason. 

I've started writing an actual short story. It's rough going at the moment and I have to admit that I'm struggling to find direction for my first attempt. Then again, I know I'm really rusty and haven't practiced my creative writing for years now. I hope to get a bit more writing done before bed, but we'll see how it goes. It's nice to even just try to write again. This feels rather good. And we have to celebrate the little things.

Not quite as mushy and emotional soft as I felt over the weekend, but still not quite 100%.