024DE: O Bar Famly Bonding

FB Messenger Screenshot

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 210

Hay. I love our friends. I miss our friends. I miss our O Bar family.

After last night's #BaduyPride episode, we continued the conversation on Facebook Messenger and it felt like old times. As much as a lot of our O Bar nights are focused on the fabulous drag shows and enjoying the entertainment that the bar has to offer, a large reason for what has always brought us back time and time again are the friends we've made there.

Last night's video call was just a sample of the larger group of friends that we have because of O Bar but it was an interesting mix of some of the more important ones. And not just important but also longer-term friends or the ones that share a strong history with the bar - including one of the owners. And oh my god, it was just felt so good to talk about whatever and hear the old banter. There's a certain degree of candor and frankness with our circle of friends, but it's also quite refreshing because of its familiarity. And I super miss these people.

I am thankful that there are digital solutions that help us stay connected even if we're spread out in different parts of the country. Despite the distance, we were able to feel like we were sharing a table at O Bar like usual and with all the usual stories and inside jokes. I miss this special group of friends more than most, I gotta admit. They are friends we've shared so many fun nights together and are friends who have shared special secrets with us and have kept our confidences as well from time to time. They're an important part of our support system and one that we haven't been able to connect with as much as we'd like given the lockdown.

Last night was...really nice. And we really need to organize more online hangout sessions like this. We need to do right by our friends during this pandemic and stay connected any way can.