024DC: Food Repetition

Veggies and Sausage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 208

It's hard to really vary our meals since food is often looked at through the lens of efficiency more than enjoyment. This is especially true for our mid-day meals when Tobie and I are both busy with work and need to figure something that we can both each but won't take too long to prepare as we'll both have to rush back to work as soon as possible. 

Personally, I fall back on certain recipe patterns and just keep repeating. I have several soups that I play around with and weird cabbage stir-frys that just have different proteins contrasted against the cabbage base. These options help me stay keto-compliant without too much need for creativity. This hits the spot on most days but every now and then one can't help but feel like wanting a change but not sure what to do in order to come up with something different. Ordering take-out becomes the default solution for such moments or when things just get too crazy that neither Tobie nor myself have time to cook.

This should be the least of our worries because at least we do have a general sense of greater food security and we aren't exactly lacking options - I recognize how lucky we are in this regard. But still, it's just one of those things that end up nagging at you while in lockdown along with all the other mundane things that somehow blow up into being much greater issues over time. 

Silly musings, but just thought I'd share.