024D9: Monday Ramble


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 205

We finished watching all the available episodes of Inside No. 9 today. The last episode was a bit more predictable than hoped, but that may be because of specific interests Tobie and I have that made the twist a lot more obvious to us. "Zanzibar" is still my favorite episode in the entire series thus far. 

We just got started on Raised by Wolves on HBO Go Asia and that first episode is pretty epic. This may be precisely the sort of blatantly Ridley Scott science fiction romp we need to get us through before the new season of Star Trek Discovery or when The Expanse finally comes back for a fifth season on Amazon Prime Video.

It's already October and we're still under lockdown and the best thing we have to look forward to are new TV shows and maybe movies that get released to streaming platforms with more accessible distribution. I'm reading a lot and keeping up with my reading goals and that's reassuring. routines help me get by. Blogging and the Baduy Pride vlogs help a lot, too. It's not perfect, but it helps.

We miss friends and admittedly we've tried a few one-off visits here and there just to reconnect and feel a bit more normal, and that has helped. It all boils down to risk, admittedly - how much we are willing to take and who are also willing to take those risks. And everyone has different levels of comfort that have to be factored into all this. 

At the same time, things are still but not quite that bad. At least that's what the numbers indicate. Fort Bonifacio seems to have very limited cases, as best as I can determine. We're mostly single digits in terms of new infections with very few spikes beyond 5. That's not a guarantee of course, but it is what it is. It's a data point that one can draw limited reassurance from and one that we can reasonably base some speculations and projections on. 

I'm just rambling, I guess. Like you, I want to this pandemic to end already. Whether that means a vaccine or the government actually getting its act together to control things, like what has been done in other countries. The odds of this are slim, I know. But I guess it's not entirely bad to hope for the best.

This ramble is probably still better than whatever the President has to say.