024D8: Post-Party Sentimentality

O Bar House Party Queens

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 204

Last night's O Bar House Party Queens Zoom event was a lot more fun than expected! It was an interesting content experiment for them and I hope that the event was successful enough to encourage more events like this. It's one thing for the O Divas to go on Facebook Live or Kumu on their own for their homegrown live performance efforts, but it's another for the bar to be able to facilitate events for them and use their larger reach to achieve more. In this case, they actually had sponsorship from the Bacardi group that gave away a lot of prizes as part of the raffle throughout the show.

Sometime Tobie and I were able to finish a whole bottle of vodka and then some given our enjoyment of the event and extended conversations after with Anak. Pamilya Egg will always be precious to me and it was nice to have the sort of conversations we used to like those at O Bar, complete with DJ music blaring in the background as we talked about other things. And something about this lockdown has me really wanting to reinforce our friendship with Nico and other good friends, just to make sure that we don't let quarantine neglect weaken things somehow. It could be an irrational fear,  but on the whole, it still feels very important to find ways to stay connected without being overly pushy or invasive. 

This alcohol-fueled sentimentality sort of inspired tonight's Baduy Pride episode that acted as our little quarantine check-in with the folks who joined the stream. It wasn't the most organized episode we had put up but it did feel like a very meaningful episode. I hope we had made a genuine connection with at least some of the folks who joined. Know that we miss all of our friends so very much. 

So yeah, we didn't game as much this weekend, but the O Bar event and the subsequent hangover made for an odd change of pace that was still largely welcome. I still wish that things would return to a greater semblance of normal sooner rather than later. We just gotta hold on for now.