024D4: Keeping the Drag Flame Alive

Two Bowls of Kimchi Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 200

Our 200th day of community quarantine is also the last day of September and the last day of the third quarter of the year. We do like our Base 10 numbers, so I guess we might as well mark these different circumstances for what they're worth. Number alignments are fun, in their own right.

O Bar has an actual event this Saturday, and Tobie and I have already secured tickets for each of us even though we're going to attend from a single device. Of course, we're going to do our best to support these events and help the keep the bar afloat. If this event goes well, I hope it means more online for events for them and a way to supplement their income despite, well, the fucking global pandemic.

A lot of the drag queens are stressing over news that Facebook will crackdown on the playing of copyrighted music on Facebook Live starting 1 October. I don't think it'll be that bad but I understand the trepidation. The tips they get from their live shows have become their main way of earning some sort of income despite the bars being closed for the duration of quarantine. And I don't want them to feel like they're entirely denied options.

I'm already looking into options to help them find different ways of getting themselves out there and I'll be happy to provide whatever technical support that I can to help enable them. We love them dearly and we have thought a lot about their well-being during quarantine and this is but the least that we can do. 

I've repeatedly stated that we have to do what we can to help one another during these difficult times. And I really mean that. We can't rely on our government to get us through this mess, so all the more we need to lean on one another.