024CB: The Great Card Swap

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 191

Last week I had a credit card scare when I got an SMS notification about an Amazon charge on my card precisely at midnight. The amount didn't correspond to any of the charges or subscriptions that I was aware of, so I assumed the worst and figured it was a risk. So I called BPI immediately and had the card blocked. 

Naturally, this complicates a lot of my geekery since things like my Amazon Kindle ebook purchases are fueled by my primary card since they don't accept my alternate eCredit Card for some reason (despite it being designed specifically for e-commerce use). Plus I have my automatic payments tied to my card like one of my insurance policies. And with the standard replacement delivery time at 7-10 business days, I had been stressing over thinking about all the things I won't be able to charge for. This is somewhat ironic since I'm also so happy that I've largely cleared my credit card debt and get to treat it like a debit card now.

And while I'll still not 100% sure if that Amazon charge was fraud or a delayed charge for something I had ordered almost two weeks before, I was surprised that my replacement card arrived this morning. This was even before I received the SMS stating that I'd get my card in 7-10 days, which arrived well after the courier had brought my new card this morning. In the end, I'm just glad I have a card again and now just need to wait for it to fully activate before I can update my payment details on different sites. 

I know this is a total non-issue to talk about in the middle of a pandemic, but hey we all have our stuff. Plus the ability to order things online via credit card is pretty important given the present circumstances.