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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 190

Today's Pendragon RPG session didn't quite push through as planned. What happened was that when we got on the Google Meet call, we ended up talking about the challenges of the week and ended up just talking the whole time. This wasn't a bad thing at all, and it hasn't been the first time that an online RPG session gave way to just socialization time. We all know how this lockdown puts some subtle but distinct pressure on everyone's mental health and every now and then we need to find ways to letting off steam and making sure we manage our well-being as best we can. Among our gaming circles, just talking for a few hours seems to be one of the methods we all use to get through this stressful period without going crazy.

It's funny how these things happen. Tobie and I rarely have video conferences that are just for talking - at least outside of work or family. Most of our sessions are very purposeful in the sense that they're for this or that gaming group to play an RPG or whatever else game we can translate to work decently in an online space. I'm sure I've blogged about this quirky behavior before and I remain curious how people just go about calling on another for that purpose. Maybe this reflects our introversion or something - we don't want to bother folks and so we end up just centering stuff around activities.

This is partly why we start live video streams when we play board games or even why we've started the Baduy Pride live stream vlogs. These are all ways to engage with other people but give them the option to watch or not and so it's more of an open invitation of sorts.

But as I've also said many times before, we're going to need one another to get through this quarantine period without going crazy. We need to stick together and know when to reach out to others for help. Tobie and I remain lucky as we have one another to reach out to for more immediate comfort and support. Not everyone is so lucky. And there has to be a way to bridge the gap for people so worse things don't happen to those who matter most to us, at least. Start with our immediate circles and work our way outwards.