024C8: Talking About Going Out Instead of Going Out

Butter Shrimp

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - 188

Tonight's Baduy Pride was surprisingly fun. We decided on the topic a little last-minute since both Tobie and I had rather busy workdays and didn't get to coordinate sooner. But we took the plunge and figured out our rough Beginner's Guide to LGBT Bars and took about an hour to get through the loose outline we had mapped out over dinner. Admittedly more of the fun involved the many friends who joined us for the stream and celebrated many of the stories that we recalled. And we had a few unexpected new viewers tune in as well and even ask questions, at least on the YouTube instance of the episode. And these are always delightful parts of this budding live stream vlog experiment.

We really do miss going out. If they find a way to allow the likes of O Bar to re-open, even if it means it becomes sort of matinee dinner theater-style establishment dedicated to drag performances, I know that Tobie and I would totally be game for that. It's really scary to consider that entertainment establishments have been closed for over 6 months now. That is though for any industry and I've seen the different staff members take up various odd jobs over the course of quarantine just to make ends meet. The craft of local drag will miss out if we lose our performers to the likes of fast-food joints or multi-level marketing. 

But no point in overly dwelling on what we can't do. For now, we continue to celebrate the luxuries and joys that we do get to experience even while in lockdown. And maybe talking about the things we want to do is a slow first step down the road towards actually getting to do what we miss doing.