024C9: Saturday Recharge Break

Tang Garden

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 189

After last night's Baduy Pride episode, we finally got to wrap up our current Trinity Continuum RPG episode. Last night's adventure had us facing fictional knights of Uther Pendragon somehow manifest as real people. These Friday night games are relatively short, but quite fulfilling as Tobie crafts some very tight stories that make good use of the time available to us.

Got to finish one of the more difficult 45 minute workout routines this morning. This was quite the relief given how I was feeling a little off the other day. Just goes to show that I wasn't sick but my body was definitely feeling the fatigue of all my workouts. It was a good reminder that I need to pace myself better and not overdo it.

But I can't help it to some degree. Seeing my fitness progress either based on my actual weight or my appearance in photos. It just urges you to keep pushing and see if you can speed things up a bit. But then you get weeks like this when the pushing becomes a bit too much and your body demands compensation.

No scheduled online games today given schedules, but that's okay. Maneuvering tabletop gaming experiences online can be taxing in its own way, so taking tonight off is fine. We still have our Pendragon RPG session to look forward to tomorrow to help round out the weekend.