024C7: Game Arrivals

Board Games

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 187

First, feeling much better today, which is a relief. I got to exercise this morning, but I played it safe and limited myself to a shorter benchmark workout then added some yoga for stretching and mobility. The benchmark felt a little harder than usual, but then again they're meant to push you so that's fine. I don't think I'm ready for one of those high-intensity 45-minute routines just yet, so I'll keep shuffling the workout options in my plan to ease myself into things a bit more gradually. 

Today a bunch of board games that Tobie had ordered via Miniature Market finally arrived via MyShoppingBox delivery, which was nice. This included additional card sleeves for our Legendary deck-building games, although Tobie had somehow found a local seller some time back, so this is just more for the future at this point. It's always nice to have more games added to our collection, even if our gaming options remain limited to just me and Tobie for the most part.

What was funnier is that a few other board games that Tobie had ordered from local sellers also arrived today, thus drastically increasing our collection in a single day. The combination of new games and game expansions means 8 additional titles added to our shelves - 9 if we count the one other game that Tobie had purchased yesterday. 

For a guy mostly trawling the secondhand board game market, he keeps finding interesting but surprisingly cheap finds among the sale offers. Of course, it's funny that some of the games that he's been getting at a discount include games we can't play since they require a minimum or 3 or 4 players. Oh funny quarantine life.