024C6: Temperature Checks

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Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 186

Last night, I was surprised by how tired I felt and the fact that I was actually feeling cold as Tobie and I went to bed. We don't use the AC when we go to bed and Tobie is the only one who tends to need the blanket even with just the fan. But last night was I was actually shivering and needed to cover up more.

Naturally, this got me worried. The slightest sense of unwellness these days feels like a possible COVID-19 scare because of how infectious the disease is. But I wasn't actually running a fever based on our thermometer readings, so that was reassuring. This meant it was either something like dehydration or maybe I'm just tired from all my working out. Admittedly I still tend to jog or practice yoga on days when the Nike Training Club app assigns me Recovery Days as part of my workout plan.

So today I embraced the Recovery Day and limited myself to my usual periodic steps only. I increased our vitamin intake for the day (yes, family has provided supplements), took more steps to hydrate and continued to monitor my temperature. The whole time I've never run a fever, but I do feel weary. I think my body is more in need of a massage more than anything else, so I figure this is workout-related and I just need to pace myself better. I concede that I have been hitting the workouts pretty hard since progress can be intoxicating.

Still scary though. I really don't want to get sick. Even if it's not COVID-19, any sort of sickness is far from ideal since our healthcare system is still overloaded so we all want to avoid needing to go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. Fingers and toes crossed and all that.

Long story short, I'm feeling a lot better now. No more shivering, but my legs and lower back still ache. I won't rush into a heavy workout tomorrow, but I think I'll be able to do something at least.