024C4: Short Monday Update



Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 184

We have been in quarantine for 26 weeks now and once again the President is rambling about whatever on national television. I stopped watching his Monday sessions a long time ago as a mental health measure. But I still need to eventually find out if he said anything of value. This is rarely the case - it's that whole scenario of big speeches or meetings that could have been emailed. Such is our life.

Monday workdays are always busy days but busy is good, quite frankly. Busy means we still have things to do which means we still have clients to support. Business is business is business. And the reassurance of structure, schedule, and routine helps me keep going despite the worst that this pandemic can throw at us.

Not much else is on my mind right now. This Monday just sort of rushed by given everything I had to get done. It wasn't a bad day but it wasn't a crazy happy day either. At least we had fun recording our Baduy Pride vlog episode about Gameboys haha.