024C1: Friday Frivolity

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 181

It's another Friday night in quarantine. Whee.

We definitely had a lot of fun tonight during our recording of the Baduy Pride episode about Relationship Goals. These topics always get a little mushy and we also worry that they might sound a little preachy. But naturally, we can only base our discussions on our own experiences, which inevitably can sound like bragging to some. But I'll always put out the disclaimer that every relationship is different and every couple (or whatever) will define the "rules" that work best for them. 

This week has the other non-achievement of finally getting back on track with my annual reading goals. For most of his quarantine, I've fallen behind the needed pace to hit 365 titles by the end of the year and I was starting to stress out about it. Sure, I've had to pad my numbers heavily with comic books, but that's still a lot of good, geeky reading and I'm made all the better for it. I tend to lose the buffer during weekends since I don't do as much idle reading, but we'll see how I manage things moving forward.

I hope everyone has fun plans for the coming days. Even if we can't really go out for leisure purposes, there are still many options available to everyone in terms of things to do to help pass the time better. Whether this means going super productive and learning a new skill or practicing something or just relaxing, which in itself is a needed activity, there are always good ways to spend one's time. And frankly, we need all the ways to de-stress given the ongoing pandemic.