024BF: From Singapore With Love


Balikbayan Box Goodies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 179

Today my sister's balikbayan box arrived from Singapore. We haven't really been the type to do boxes since, during pre-pandemic times, our travel between countries was frequent enough such that we could just hand-carry items back and forth. But with travel locked down along with everything else, that pipeline of supplies fizzled up. Hence the balikbayan box.

Admittedly one of my main interests was several board games that I had shipped to my sister instead of here since my few encounters with the Taguig post office have been less than ideal. Thus I'd rather have things go to another country like Singapore instead of sending them directly to here. For US items I rely on My Shopping Box to forward my items, bypass the post office, and bring them straight to the condo. Seriously, why does our post office operate that way?

Apart from the games, my sister really indulged me with keto-friendly items in her care package. The dominant item in the box was 10 packs of Diego's Lower Carb Wraps, which are the BOMB when it comes to alternative tortilla wraps. As much as I've been happy to remain strong on keto over the past two years and I don't rely much on lower-carb keto alternatives for things, these wraps blow my mind. I've yet to find a source for them locally and the other low carb wraps available...suck. Diego's wraps are a miracle - just make sure that you get the right ones since they have a LOT of variants,

She even got some keto powdered creamer (think butter + MCT oil in powder form) and some strange keto crackers, which are really different seeds compressed in weird sheets. They're closer to granola bars than crackers, but that's just how the keto world is like.

Everything else was for the rest of the family and it was nice to hand that off within the day to make sure everyone got their stuff. Balikbayan boxes are a unique experience and it's nice to be able to still enjoy such indulgences despite the lockdown.