024BE: #StarTrekDay 2020

Star Trek: Discovery - USS Enterprise

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 178

Happy Star Trek Day, everyone! I'm glad that Tobie and I got to contribute to today's celebrations by recording a full Baduy Pride live stream vlog episode dedicated to the franchise. It took more than 30 minutes, but it was certainly time well-spent, especially given how much I love the franchise. We could do so many more episodes dedicated to different aspects of this fascinating universe, and I'm sure we'll revisit it in future episodes.

The vlog has become a fun "venue" for participating in larger events like this, even if only virtually. We're still just winging it for the most part and enjoying the free-flow discussions that are part and parcel of our live stream approach, which works fine for now. I just wish Restream would address the bug with the chat feature. We've been unable to pull comments into the video real-time like we used to,  but the support team assures me that they'll fix it eventually.

I wonder if we'll still keep up with the show when the pandemic ends. Once we have more opportunities to leave the Sietch, I'm pretty sure this near-daily vlog schedule won't necessarily be sustainable. But for as long as we're having fun with it, then I'm sure we'll continue to find ways to squeeze it into our schedules alongside everything else we busy ourselves with. The trade-off will be worth it, of course, given not having time for the vlog means we're back to investing time in our social interactions with friends and family. 

I'm still holding out for a Star Trek-style solution to this pandemic. Where's the likes of Dr. McCoy, Dr. Crusher, Dr. Bashier or The Doctor to figure out how to cure COVID-19? I'd even take some crazy animal-based cure from Dr. Phlox at this point if it means we get to return to a more normal life. Then again, I'm sure they'd love to help but are unable to since the (Temporal) Prime Directive comes into play when it comes to deciding whether or not they can aid a pre-warp civilization like ours. 

Star Trek has helped me stay sane during this quarantine, admittedly. It's difficult to watch more typically stressful content like medical dramas or show like The Sopranos, and thus I keep going back to older Trek shows instead. At least there they can solve problems through science, reason, and diplomacy. Our own governments have yet to get around to this way of thinking, but that's also why Star Trek depicts a Utopian society in the far future. 

Live long and prosper, dear readers.