024BC: Sunday Stream-of-Consciousness

Leftovers for Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 176

We come to the end of another weekend as we enter our...damn, it's the 25th week of quarantine now? I guess time really flies when you're stuck at home unable to go out for leisure activities.

My home Anytime Fitness branch officially re-opens tomorrow and I'm not sure if they've processed my request to keep my account frozen. I have some leftover days from March when the lockdown first happened, so I know I won't get billed immediately, but that can't be more than two weeks of gym time. I really don't feel comfortable with going back to the gym just yet - and I recognize that I keep saying this. But it keeps coming up since every time I get another AF email, I find myself thinking about whether or not I want to risk it and just trying to understand what everyone is thinking in terms of their big rush to go back. I've been doing pretty well with just working out at home these past few months, so I know a gym isn't a hard requirement for continuing on my fitness journey. 

A lot of times I find myself staring out the window and studying the volume of cars around SM Aura throughout the day. For these recent GCQ phases, things haven't been too crazy. Before we took that 2-week MECQ "break" back in August, things were getting a little weird where we had a lot of traffic in front of the mall, especially during traditional rush hour periods. Things haven't been as crazy this month, but we'll see. We're under GCQ for another month at least and I'm sure people get more and more relaxed as time passes. 

I'm just rambling now haha.

I have this weird feeling that September is going to go by rather quickly. Or maybe I just have a lot to juggle at work and that'll speed things along whether or not I truly have time for everything that I want to do. At least we still have our games to look forward to and of course our almost nightly #BaduyPride live stream vlogs as a happy distraction.