024B6: Holiday Slow Down


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 170

I took the National Heroes' Day holiday day to stretch the birthday celebrations a bit as the office follows Singapore holidays by default. But given life in lockdown, it's not like we could plan anything special outside of the Sietch, but at least it was an extra day to relax. And I rarely take days off from work.

I had wanted to stay up later and play more board games with Tobie, but after a single Unlock! scenario, I was pretty tired and needed to lie down by 01:00am, which was kind of annoying. But I guess our bodies have become trained by the quarantine routine of always getting to bed by midnight or so. Will we ever be able to have our late nights once this lockdown is lifted? Only time will tell.

I couldn't escape work entirely today and my morning still began with resolving a few client inquiries before I could even squeeze in a workout. Today's routine was still fairly intense but at least not overly long and within my limits, so that helped. 

Today we had a lot of chill activities including getting deeper into the world of Dark on Netflix, me unboxing my Generations Selects Seacons, and of course another episode of the Baduy Pride live stream vlog. And that did make for a generally good day. I wish we could have done something more elaborate for a leave, but this works too. We all need time to slow down and just enjoy the smaller moments. 

And now I need to get through my "dailies" in order to find time for a last board game before bed. But man, time flies even when you're trying to be relaxed.