024B5: Sunday Sans Social


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 169

I still can't get over how crazily fun the online celebrations for my birthday were last Friday Saturday was also pretty fun since we had our weekly Pendragon RPG session and then enjoyed some amazing drag performances by some of the O Divas together with the rarely-seen-during-quarantine O Boys! All of those were great highlights of the day.

Today was oddly quiet in contrast - like all the social richness of the previous days had been stolen from today. Our scheduled Wraith RPG session didn't push through since one of the players wasn't available, although we still had some time to just hang out and talk through our respective updates as friends. Tonight's Baduy Pride live stream vlog session was okay and still generally fun to record, although we didn't have may participants on the stream itself. And that does take away some of the fun from the experience.

To be fair, we also had fewer participants for yesterday's session, so I guess a lot of people are still busy for the weekend. It's a funny thought given most of us (at least in Metro Manila) are still under lockdown along with curfews, but people get around these things in their own way. 

And I've already committed to taking the holiday tomorrow, so that means that Tobie and I can stay up later and have fun. Just not sure what we're going to do. I'm oddly feeling that sluggishness that comes with not-so-great days and it's oddly difficult to find the motivation to get into an activity that requires more commitment or something. But it would totally be a waste of the time if we didn't at least play a board game or something, so we'll see what we can manage. 

Hope your long weekend (or regular weekend) has been going well.