024B3: Busy Birthday Blitz


Baked Salmon Fillets

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 167

Backdating this post because the birthday was crazy.

I wasn't expecting anything particularly special for my birthday this year given (1) it was a workday and (2) lockdown limits what we can do even for events like this. But birthdays are still birthdays and I remained optimistic that it would be a good day.

I wasn't expecting work to be so crazy. It was literally a day where a client said "Everything is urgent!" and so I had my hands full. And we had a number of meetings to get through, which always require a fair amount of time while I still had tasks to manage and issues to resolve. But my last meeting for the day was the funnier one since it started as our weekly management meeting but ended up also being when it was revealed that the office had worked on a crazy birthday surprise where they took videos of themselves recreating the different selfies I've posted on my social media accounts. It was a birthday trolling video, but was super appreciated and I know it actually took a lot of work. This is what you get when you work in a company with creatives haha

Tobie also tried a little special bonus to the day. Along with the usual weekly grocery run, he also purchased a lot of sashimi from Genki Sushi, since I can't have maki rolls and the like while on keto. It made for a rather hearty lunch and certainly a nice change of pace from our quarantine staples. And for a proper birthday, I had also made sure to order a keto-friendly cake from Keto Filipino and Tobie dug up a candle for me to blow. It's not a proper birthday without a cake and a birthday candle - even if that cake has no sugar in it.

Good moments and stressful ones, but this birthday has certainly started out in a pretty interesting manner. But the real celebration will be tonight's Baduy Pride live stream vlog and whatever online after party we end up organizing, in a manner of speaking.