024AF: Quick Monday Report


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 163

First, it's my birthday week! If you want to get me something while maintaining social distancing, my Amazon Kindle Wish List is here. And we're trying to map out a 1-hour episode of #BaduyPride for Friday but still haven't settled on a topic. If you have suggestions, leave a comment or fill out this Google Form. Either way, looking forward to celebrating things somehow despite the lockdown.

Last night I created a Twitter thread of my various birthday celebrations over the years. It was a bittersweet activity that reminded me of great times with friends at O Bar but also highlighted how our social circles have changed over the years. I cherish the people who make the quarantine days go by a little quicker. I miss and sometimes regret the people who are no longer an active part of our lives. And above all, I wish there was a safe way for all of us to celebrate my birthday or any other event in-person while remaining safe. 

The best thing about the thread was a rather visual reminder that Tobie really changed my life and made every birthday and other little events a cause for celebration. I peeked at the few pre-Tobie years to see what I did for my birthdays then and it felt rather incidental instead of a deliberate effort to celebrate. The year before I got together with Tobie we were at a friend's place for a mahjong night and based on the photos I didn't really play much. I should be thankful there was a cake at least. The year before that I have photos of a dinner with the same group of friends and it was very likely we were slotted to go to Bed right after. But I don't know if one could really consider that an actual celebration - a weird consequence of that relationship where we didn't really "do" holidays and birthdays. 

I'm honestly not sure what else to write about today. Work took up most of my headspace I guess. At least we had fun recording tonight's Baduy Pride vlog as we celebrated Tobie's Robinson Crusoe scenario becoming a finalist in the Portal Games contest and being guaranteed a slot in the upcoming Book of Adventures. 

This is going to be a weird week. Hope we get through things without anything too crazy or stressful happening. Then again, the Palace is going to air another statement from the President in the morning, so we know that's going to be terrible.