024AE: Birthday on Final Approach


Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 162

It's my birthday this Friday and the complications of the global pandemic have added a weird tone to the whole thing. I know Tobie is doing his best to help figure out ways to make the weekend a bit more special and certainly more fun, but I can't quite entirely shake off. We all get some degree of the irrational birthday blues every year, but adding on the stress of a global pandemic hasn't helped at all.

Friday is a working day and I don't think I can afford to take leave on that day, so there's no getting around that. We'll still record a Baduy Pride live stream vlog episode for that day and we're thinking of making it a longer episode instead of our usual 30-minute ones. I just haven't figured out what to talk about. At its most basic I could just do one of those stereotypes "X things you should know about me" style videos since it is my birthday, so we might as well talk about me the whole episode, right? 

After I want to have some sort of a video call session with friends. Maybe I'll have them play games and just watch. Maybe we'll watch O Bar videos. Or maybe we'll just talk and drink on camera and see how things go. This is the hazy part that Tobie and I really haven't defined what the official "party" plan is going to be. On the one hand, I want to invite everyone dear to us and get them all on a call. On the other hand, it feels like that it would be kind of imposing on their time and I also don't want to deal with the potential disappointment of invited friends not showing up, even just for a virtual event. And then different circles of friends may not have anything to say to one another and having them in a call may just feel weird and awkward, so I don't know. 

I know birthdays don't need to be that complicated but I can't help but feel things are this way now, especially with the pandemic. Last year we celebrated at O Bar and for the first time I had different circles of friends there and I even invited my office mates to join the celebrations. It was a crazy fun night and I was really looking forward to a repeat of that sort of a celebration this year. But 2020 had other ideas for all of us, I suppose. 

If any of you have suggestions for how Friday could go, let me know! I think my overthinking state is getting in the way of more rational planning.